For people looking for a life long partner, who are willing to invest in three weeks of an open and transparent compatability adventure.

Let's fill that seat next to you with the love of your life!

Newly single?
Thinking about dating?
Wanting to ignite or improve your current relationship?
I'm here to help!
If you are ready to be fully engaged in finding that perfect life partner or improving your current relationship, I encourage you to step out of the safe zone. Fearlessly choose to embrace relationship challenges with a positive hopeful perspective. Having fun matters! I'm here to help you navigate your relationship foundation to achieve true fulfillment.


About Susan

Susan aims to deliver education, inspiration, and hope.  She has a very natural ability to listen to people with the added knowledge of how the brain processes conversation and life experiences. Susan strives to open your mind to fully experiencing every day. As a solution-driven person with a win-win always in her sights, she loves helping people work together for the best possible outcome for everyone involved. She is a Certified Professional Energy Leadership Coach and a Family Law Mediator, specializing in
relationship dynamics, communication, and building trust. Susan has helped clients devise solutions and strategies to be able to fearlessly move forward achieving happier, healthier relationships.

Dating Courses

Dating Profile Tips

Wants & Don't Wants

Four Steps for Navigating Dating

25 Questions to know someone on a deeper level

Crystal Clear Communication

Dating Traps

Five Reasons to Walk Away

Dating Empowered Self-Awareness

~coming soon~

Mr. & Miss 80%



Live Q&A Forum over

Zoom Conference

The opportunity to ask real-time questions with Susan as you are navigating your way to the love of your life.   

This is for people who want help with how to use the courses for the best results in the dating process.



Podcasts being recorded for the "Free Help" page.

Wheat Field

Past Client Experiences

My wife and I have worked with Susan both together and separately and I can honestly say she has changed our lives for the better. Not only is she highly trained but more importantly she has the natural ability and compassion to make real, lasting change. She is dedicated, talented, and you will see results! Regardless of what you would like to work through, either personally or professionally, she will deliver!

Michael ~ Scottsdale, Arizona”

Live Q&A Forum over Zoom Conference

Sat on the Rocks
Lover's Shadows

Coaching Helps

Working towards a more fulfilled version of YOU

Are you feeling stuck or lonely and would like to know what might be getting in the way of true intimacy and trust? These unique programs can help you with your love life journey to find YOUR perfect person to enjoy life with.

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